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Pulse Jet Engines, or Pulsejets, are an amazingly simple type of jet engine that almost anyone can build at home with basic tools.  They can run while standing still, with no moving parts, on almost anything that burns. No other jet engine comes close to being able to do that. While they may just look like a simple hollow tube, the science behind how they work is pretty complex!

There are few things that are as satisfying as building your own jet engine and firing it up for the first time. That moment when you first fire it up, and the engine starts shooting flames, glowing orange, and drowning out the sound of everything around you is something you’ll never forget.

Pulse Jets are the perfect way to get into hobby jet propulsion. They are mechanically simple enough that you can build one with some basic workshop equipment using a set of blueprints, but the physics behind how they work is complicated enough that it could be the focus of an engineering thesis.

Because of this they make for the perfect science project, whether for high school or college, and the skills you’ll learn while building your own Pulsejet will help you out in many other areas.


Engines & Plans


We’re producing engines again, building up stock for the STORE, and finishing up the new release version of the Pulse Jet Engine Plans Pack.

The Classic plans are now also available as an instant download, and if you buy the classic plans now, you will get $14.99 off the price of the new plans release when they are available! This avoids the problems of shipping physical discs through the mail & gets you the plans in moments.

Things are moving along and we will soon be offering standard production accessories in the store, such as ignition systems, thrust augmenters for our standard engine line, and awesome pulsejet powered gadgets to demonstrate various effects and principles.

Our most recent addition to the store is the Mini FWE, or Focused Wave Engine. The Mini FWE is a small compact little engine that is great for all kinds of demonstrations and experiments!


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Pulse Jet Engine Plans now Downloadable!

The Classic Pulsejet Plans CD is now available as a Download Pack! After much grief from dealing with the US postal service to ship CD’s we’ve finally managed to upgrade our server & software to integrate a web store with instant downloads! We’re offering the Pulsejet Plans Download with the classic plans content at a […]

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Essential Tools for Pulsejet Starting

As with most things in life, a little bit of knowledge and the right tools for the job can make things seem infinitely easier. In this case a little bit of reading can save you untold frustration and money. There can be a lot of variables in getting a pulsejet to run for the first […]

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The Best “first Pulse Jet Engine”

 A question that comes up a lot is what is the best “first pulse jet engine”. This depends on a few factors. Some of the engines that are easiest to build, are the most difficult to run. The converse is also true, some of the ones that have the best running characteristics are the most […]

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