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Our online store is up and we are offering the Classic Pulse Jet Plans DOWNLOAD at a special price of $14.99,  you’ll also get a promo code for $14.99 off the new digital download plans when it becomes available. This way everyone can get started on projects now, and not feel jipped when the new content comes out. After purchase you’ll be able to download your plans from either the “My Account” page by clicking the link in the menu at the top of the page, or your order confirmation email.  (If you recently purchased a physical disc with the plans, you’ll also receive a coupon to try the download store out for free).

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In the Pulsejet Plans you will find dimensioned blueprints for several styles of highly refined high performance pulsejet engines including the ThermalPulse 180, and the Chinese Valveless style engines in various sizes that hobbyists and experimenters will find most useful. There are also a number of plans for other novel designs that have special properties or uses, along with PDF builder guides with information on advanced add-ons and techniques.

pje sparkThe plans are all original, and make up a full featured package designed to help you from start to finish, saving you time and money while maximizing fun!

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